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Balder, Marcia High School Media Center Aide

Barse, Jared Secondary Teacher Social Studies

Block, Sue Elementary School Instructional Assistant

Bluhm, Emily Elementary Teacher 2nd Grade

Boman, Shon Elementary School SpEd Management Aide

Boser, Michael Liason Officer

Brandt, Briana Elementary Teacher Grades 5-6

Brandt, Shannon District Office Payroll/HR

Brouillet, Samantha Secondary Teacher Special Education

Caron, Linda Secondary Teacher Business Education
Media Specialist

Cash-Logli, Shelly Indian Education Instructional Assistant

Colvin, Kim Elementary Teacher Media Specialist

Crotty, Deb Instructional Assistant

Dahl, Sarah SpEd Management Aide

Demars, Lisa Elementary School Elementary Principal

Dewey, Britt Secondary Teacher Life Sciences/Chemistry

Dols, Karn High School Assistant Principal

Dormanen, Renee Food Service Manager

Etzel, Kelly Secondary Family and Consumer Science

Fischer, Dan Elementary School Assistant Principal

Funk, Emily High School Social Worker
Gingery, Marge Title Instructional Assistant

Grace, Roberta Secondary Teacher Special Education

Gray, Julia Secondary Teacher Science
ALC Lead Teacher

Gruba, Kim High School Secondary Principal Secretary

Hackett, Austin Secondary Teacher Physical Education

Hammarstedt, Annette Instructional Assistant

Hanson, Jessica Elementary School
6th Grade
Helgoe, Debra Elementary Teacher Title I

Helmer, Justin Mille Lacs Academy Instructional Assistant

Henrickson, Jim Secondary Teacher Special Education

Hermel, Brady High School Guidance Counselor

Hermel, Katie Secondary Teacher K-12 Developmental Disabilities

Hill, Julie ECFE Clerical Assistant

Hoffman, Doug Technology Coordinator

Husom, Madison Math
Secondary Teacher

Jahnke, Brooke Secondary Teacher Mathematics

Johnson, Matt Secondary Teacher Industrial Technology

Klous, Terry SpEd Management Aide

Kohl, Tom Secondary Teacher Industrial Technology

Lancaster, Sarah Elementary Teacher 1st Grade

Larson, Rachel Elementary Teacher 4th Grade

Laughery, Alicia Secondary Teacher English

Laughery, Larry Secondary Teacher Social Studies

Lee, Shane Mille Lacs Academy Physical Education

Leonard, Jason Activities Director
Physical Education

Lueck, Teresa Elementary Teacher Grades 5-6

Lundin, Jennifer Secondary Teacher English

Martin, Cyndi Elementary Teacher 1st Grade

Maruska, Karen Elementary Teacher Special Education/Developmental Disabilities
Maske, Amy Elementary Teacher Pre-K

Motz, Samantha Elementary School Art

Munson, Dana Indian Education Instructional Assistant

Nayquonabe, Christina Indian Education Coordinator

Nelson, Sandy Elementary School Instructional Assistant

Nieken, Ellen Secondary Teacher Special Education

Nieken, Victoria Custodian III

Noble, Kari District Office District Office Secretary

Nohner, Elizabeth Kindergarten Elementary Teacher

Olson, Karla Mille Lacs Academy English

Olson, Matt Transportation Supervisor

Oyler, Stephanie Secondary Teacher Family and Consumer Science
Special Education

Patterson, Jessica English Secondary Teacher

Paulson, Dan Elementary Teacher Art
Peterson, Dana Indian Education Instructional Assistant

Peterson, Dixie Elementary Teacher 3rd Grade

Proctor, Mary Food Service

Raiber, Makenzie Elementary Teacher Kindergarten

Robinson, Midge Mille Lacs Academy MLA Teacher

Rogers, Amy Elementary Teacher Speech

Rohloff, Danette Elementary Teacher Pre-K

Rosenberg, Tracy Elementary Teacher Special Education

Roske, Megan Elementary Teacher Pre-K

Ross, Adam Secondary Teacher Art

Rudolph, Cyndy Community Education

Runyan, Jason Elementary Teacher Physical Education

Schlegel, Sara Secondary Teacher Mathematics

Sheely, Nathasha Secondary Teacher Special Education
Shore, Sara High School Instructional Assistant

Smith, Evelyn Elementary Teacher Learning Disabilities/EBD

Stangl, Samantha Elementary School Social Worker

Stowers, Cathleen School Nurse

Stumpf, Jenny MLA Principal

Tabor, Deb Elementary School Elementary Principal Secretary

Tetrick, Garrett Elementary Teacher
6th Grade

Thomas, Susan Elementary Teacher Vocal and Classroom Music

Thompson, Jon Elementary School Behavior Interventionist

Thompson, Margaret Elementary Teacher 3rd Grade

Tideman, Heather Mille Lacs Academy MLA Teacher

True, Nicole Science/Life Science Secondary Teacher

Van Grinsven, Jeremy Director of Buildings and Grounds

Vanalst, Angie ALC Instructional Assistant

VanDenheuvel, Tina General Office Secretary

VanReese, Jennifer Secondary Teacher Instrumental Band and Classroom Music

Vivant, Dana Custodian I

Vold, Jason Superintendent

Walz, Jeff Elementary Teacher 4th Grade

Warner, Jennie Elementary Teacher 2nd Grade

Zapzalka, Samantha Elementary Teacher Grades 5-6

Zietz, Beth Secondary Teacher Special Education