Welcome to Onamia Public Schools! It is an honor to serve as your Superintendent.  We are committed to providing our students powerful educational experiences through personalized learning, high quality educators, and a comprehensive curriculum at every level.
During my tenure in the district, I have seen our school community come together to help our students achieve great successes on many levels. This strong collaborative spirit is matched only by the dedication to making decisions based on what’s best for students and their learning. This includes establishing a financially healthy district budget that allows for long-term sustainability. We can all proudly share in the growth being made and use it to inspire our future work.
Together, we have an expectation to exceed our current level of student achievement as well as create a learning environment in which all students feel safe, valued, and respected. Our focus is to: 1) ensure that all students have what they need to learn at the highest possible level; 2) cultivate a culture of belonging; and 3) to remove barriers to success and accomplishment.
Thank you for your continued support of Onamia Public Schools!
Go Panthers!

Jason "J.J." Vold
320-532-6701 (office)