Mrs Patterson's Favorite Sites


This will take you to a page filled with fun activities that are interactive for your students.  My favorite is Fractured Fairy Tales.  This activity gives students a traditional fairy tale and asks them to change it to make their own Fractured Fairy Tale.


Click on “Fun Stuff” on the top bar and select a game.  My favorite is Madlibs Game Time!  It is great for teaching nouns, verbs and adjectives.


Funbrain has many great games!  When you get to the home page select “CLASSIC FUNBRAIN” and pick “All Games”.  This will take you to a page that lists all of the available games.  My favorites for reading are:

• Word Confusion This game has students choose the correct word to complete each sentence.
• 2 Bee or Not Too Bee This game focuses on present and past tense verbs
• Rooting Out Words this game helps teach root words.
• The Plural Girls helps students with plurals.

Vocabulary Ideas:
This site has tons of information but I really like some of the ideas listed for vocabulary.  Once you are at this site type what you are looking for into the search box.  For example: Type in “vocabulary” and it will provide you a list of different ways to teach vocab.

Helping Verbs:
This site focuses on the 23 helping verbs.  They provide a chart and a test for students to take after completing the activity.

This is great for practicing spelling!